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I Want to Help You Find the Perfect Personal Domain Name

That's me

My name is Mike Jarema, I'm a software developer, and I'm fascinated with how people, like you, create and manage their identity online. Do you have a personal blog, a site outlining your professional career or perhaps a portfolio site showcasing your creativity?

I believe that your online identity begins at Mine certainly does, you can find me at or email me at .

I've always encouraged my friends to purchase personal domains for themselves. I created Domains for Friends to make it simple for my friends (and you) to find and register the perfect personal domain.

to give it a try. It's free and easy.

Make Your Online Identity Count

Some of my friends are doing cool things with their personal domains, here's a few I'd like to share:

Your personal domain is where you can build up your personal or professional identity, ensure that you're always at the top of searches for your name (I am - try googling Mike Jarema), setup a unique and memorable email address for yourself, or simply redirect users to your social media profiles. Anything goes, you're in control!

to find your personal domain.

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